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Aidan Knight | 'All Clear'

This week's download comes from Canadian artist Aidan Knight. The song is called "All Clear." You have seven days to grab the track for free.

<i>Aidan Knight hails from Victoria, the biggest city on Vancouver Island, off the shore of British Columbia. Aidan’s been making music since his teens and has been putting out music since 2010. Although the name Aidan Knight belongs to the individual, the records have been a collaborative effort between himself and his band, a collection of classical music nerds, jazz aficionados, and experimental musical wizards. On the new album, Each Other, the collaborative spirit remains strong amongst the band but the vision is solely that of Knight’s. Aidan’s laid back west coast approach meant that some of the songs that made it onto Each Other were just concepts when they entered the studio.</i>

Download Aidan Knight's "All Clear" (right click and save as)

Check out the amazing video for "All Clear" below.



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