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Swamp Dogg takes Auto-Tune pointers from Justin Vernon in their new collab, 'Answer Me, My Love'

Last week, Swamp Dogg released his take on Nat King Cole's hit “Answer Me, My Love.” This is Swamp Dogg's newest single from his upcoming album "Love, Loss, And Auto-Tune"—featuring production by Poliça’s Ryan Olson and MoogStar, Messina by Justin Vernon and yes, a lot of Auto-Tune.

You have seven days to download Swamp Dogg's new song, "Answer Me, My Love." Get the free .mp3 below.
Swamp Dogg has a gift for signing about heartache. The song is about loneliness, but Swamp Dogg’s warped sense of humor is still intact.

He jokes, “‘Answer Me, My Love’ is what we call a 'money record' and since I need money, I recorded it. You can't go wrong with a Nat King Cole hit! He never recorded a bad song and always got hits. I need to pay some bills."

The song is soft and strong at the same time. And, with the addition of playfully distorted vocals, it is some of the most moving and outrageous music we’ve ever heard come out of Swamp Dogg.

While Auto-Tune has become a fixture of the modern pop music landscape, this is Swamp Dogg’s first major exploration of it. “Every time I listen to some new music that everybody thinks is the greatest thing since hot biscuits, it’s full of Auto-Tune,” Swamp Dogg says.

His use of Auto-Tune technology is not gratuitous though. Like Kanye West on "808s & Heartbreak," Swamp Dogg utilizes the cold digital tone of Auto-Tune to convey a sense of emotional detachment during the most anguished moments on "Answer Me, My Love" and throughout the album, which comes out September 7.