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Avi Kaplan's 'I'll Get By' is the perfect song for dealing with these difficult times

This week's download comes from Avi Kaplan. You have seven days to download his uplifting tune "I'll Get By."

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On I’ll Get By, Kaplan, the former Pentatonix star, raised just 40 minutes from Sequoia National Park in the rolling hills of central California, rediscovered his musical roots and delved deeper into the music he’s always loved. Exploring a range of sounds from soul to bluegrass, these songs are threaded together by the search for spiritual redemption, and cast with acoustic guitar, pedal steel, swirling organ and deep groove percussion that beautifully complement Avi’s haunting, other worldly vocal ability.


"I'll Get By"
Early in the morning
I feel stones upon my chest
That I carry to the evening
Til I lay back down to rest

But I’ll get by
I’ll get by

I’m tired and growing weary
Of these clouds that follow me
Swallowed by the shadows
When it’s sunshine that I need

But I’ll get by
I’ll get by

I been feeling hollow
Yeah my soul just can’t be found
So fill me with the feeling
That this all will turn around

Take all my cares away
Lighten my load
Trust it’ll be OK
But til then I’ll go

Onward down the road
Carried by the hope

That I’ll get by
I’ll get by

HYFIN Program Director | Radio Milwaukee