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Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad team up with Roy Ayers for 'Hey Lover'

The Midnight Hour

This week's download comes from the duo Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad and their latest project " Jazz is Dead 001." You have seven days to download the song "Hey Lover" featuring Roy Ayers.

Download (right click and save as)

From the press release:

Music is the universal language and we are the interpreter of sound, a message that has been lost in transcription. Under Jazz Is Dead, younger artists are elaborating upon conversations started decades ago; jazz icons are utilizing vintage equipment to create new masters with Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad; the same equipment that recorded their coveted catalogs. The vitality embedded in the new masters epitomizes our quest for new life in music: Jazz Is Dead.

The addition of harmonics to the fundamental tone is what makes any voice or instrument sound good; the insurgence of spirit and vitality to a dead language revitalizes its meaning for the future. Any disturbance of regularities acts as tension: tensions to the dimension of jazz. Any syncopation against innocuous rhythms changes the minds and heartbeats of all. These are metronome markings that make some uncomfortable, but beats that keep us going. With impeccable concert programming, breathtaking recordings and unflinching perspective, we can feel the pulse. The power of sound is captivating and the movement needs no further exegesis: Jazz Is Dead.

HYFIN Program Director | Radio Milwaukee