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Download's Ultraista's new song 'Harmony'

This week's download comes from Ultraista's new album "Sister." You have seven days to download their song "Harmony."

Download (right click and save as)

From the press release:

Fueled by swirling synthesizers, ethereal vocals, and intoxicating rhythms, Ultraísta’s hypnotic new album, Sister is a world unto itself, a textured sonic labyrinth full of melodic twists and turns that fire off like synapse after synapse in the group’s shared musical brain. The songs here are surreal yet grounded, enigmatic yet direct, improvisatory yet meticulous.

It’s a collection that defies easy categorization, and one that proves that the band— producer/engineer/musician Nigel Godrich, best known for his two decades helming Radiohead’s groundbreaking studio output; celebrated drummer Joey Waronker, who’s toured and recorded with everyone from R.E.M. and Beck to Roger Waters and Elliott Smith; and singer Laura Bettinson, an acclaimed solo artist whose work combines synth-driven electropop and dreamy vocal looping—is far more than just the sum of its remarkable parts.

The songs are abstract canvases streaked with raw emotion, sonic inkblots full of perpetually shifting arrangements and hypnotizing, breathy vocals that float out over a churning sea of synthesizers, strings, and tumbling percussion. “This music conjures up something different in everyone,” says Waronker. “You can draw what you need from it, and that’s what always keeps me coming back for more.”

HYFIN Program Director | Radio Milwaukee