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Download Miloe's 'Winona' featuring Jamila Woods and Vagabon

This week's download comes from Minnesota-based artist Miloe. You have seven days to download the reimagined version of his 2020 single "Winona" featuring Jamila Woods and Vagabon.

Download (right click and save as)

Miloe | photo credit: Connor Johnson

From the press release:

Miloe—a.k.a. 20 year old Democratic Republic of Congo-born and Minneapolis-based Bob Kabeya—released his incredible EP entitled Greenhouse last year to acclaim from the likes of NPR Music, The Fader, MTV, NYLON, Uproxx and more. Today he shares a reimagined version of EP-highlight “Winona,” with help from Jamila Woods and Vagabon. Kabeya says of the collaboration: “This version is surreal for me! I’ve admired both Vagabon and Jamila’s work and artistry for a long time. It's such a trip to have stems from musicians I look up to on my laptop in my room. I got to hear a bit about Jamila’s journey with learning guitar recently and connected with Laetitia over our appreciation for Congolese and African musicians like Fally Ipupa. This is a reimagined version of Winona from an alternate reality, which is a fusion with influences from Congolese Rumba, indie pop and afro-beat.” Vagabon adds, “When Miloe asked me to hop on the remix for ‘Winona,’ I went back and listened to the original and immediately said yes. It brings me so much joy to see another West African kid, like myself, influenced by so many genres of music and playing guitar music. I wanted to continue the story from Jamila’s ‘tread softly’ line, and decided to write my ‘verse/hook’ about the idea of caution."

Greenhouse is an exhilaratingly energetic and youthful homage to Summer and the weather patterns of his childhood, paired with lyrics of teenage melodrama and idealism. Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kabeya moved to the U.S. with his family at the age of 8 to reunite with his father, a journalist who was granted asylum three years prior. "The Minnesotan climate can feel so limiting compared to where I grew up, almost like we're waiting half the year to actually live our lives,” he explains. Living in a region that faces harsh winter for much of the year, and in 2020 served as ground zero for uprisings against police violence, Kabeya created Greenhouse as an offering of sunshine to his community as winter returned.

HYFIN Program Director | Radio Milwaukee