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Download Machinedrum's 'Only One,' featuring Angelica Bess

This week's download comes from producer Machinedrum and his new EP "Psyconia." You have seven days to download the song "Only One" featuring Angelica Bess.

Download (right click and save as)

From the press release:

Machinedrum announces new six-track EP “Psyconia” on Ninja Tune and shares lead single ‘Only One’ featuring Angelica Bess

Machinedrum aka Travis Stewart reasserts his GOAT status with a brilliantly innovative EP effortlessly traversing tempos and musical styles as only he can. The follow-up to his universally acclaimed 2020 album “A View of U” and collaborations with A$AP Ferg and Shelley FKA DRAM, the six tracks that form “Psyconia” explore the spaces between broken beats, hip-hop, techno and drum & bass, and the results are smart, banging and branded with Stewart’s utterly inimitable sonic signature.

Lead single ‘Only One’ is a wonderful marriage of Machinedrum’s intricate breakbeat science and the innately soulful vocals of Angelica Bess. Upbeat, jazzy brilliance and a total earworm. Bess is a regular collaborator with Travis, she is based in New York and is also a member of the group Body Language.

The EP also features North Carolina rapper Deniro Farrar (Leader of CultureRap) whose confessional lyrics and gruff, rasping delivery have resulted in comparisons to legendary figures like 2Pac and Bun B (UGK), electronic ace Chrome Sparks and acclaimed producer/songwriter/visual artist from the contemporary indie rock space: Jorge Elbrecht (Japanese Breakfast, No Joy).

The title – “Psyconia” – is a play on words, combining “psychic” and “syconia” (which is the plural form of syconium). In botany, syconium is a fleshy hollow receptacle, containing numerous flowers which develop together into a multiple fruit, as in the fig. Fig trees historically represent creation and abundance in various religions and cultures. It is the fruit from the tree of enlightenment. It represents a new understanding and a new beginning.

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