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Download 'Find A Way' from AprilFoolChild and Trigo Fare

This week's download comes from AprilFoolChild and Trigo Fare. You have seven days to download the song "Find A Way."

Download (right-click and save as)

From press release:

APRILFOOLCHILD and Trigo Fare first planted a seed in the soulful dance scene with “Hear Me”, a sparkling chune that teases you, then takes off with your heart. Now they are back at it again with a spirited collaboration on the deep house track “FIND A WAY”, an uplifting release reminiscent of NYC’s golden house era fused with Disclosure’s confident, hook-happy framework. This timely release, transmits the message that no matter what life gives you, you can find a way to overcome.

AprilFoolChild is a singer, songwriter and flautist from Philadelphia known for her feel-good melodies and playful nature as heard on her fan favorites “Mangos”, “Easy” and “Butterflies” produced by fellow Philadelphian, Cloud Atrium which included the bonus single produced by G-Sharp “Funny Thing” feat. Grammy awarded bassist MonoNeon.

Trigo (trig-o) Fare is a multi-instrumentalist production duo based in Los Angeles of Loslito and grammy-winning composer Caleb Speir from Estelle’s “American Boy"

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