Download ALA.NI’s latest song ‘Differently’

Download ALA.NI’s latest song ‘Differently’

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This week’s download comes from the singer/songwriter ALA.NI. You have seven days to download her song “Differently.”


Parisian singer ALA.NI is poised to follow up her stunning debut album “You & I” in early 2020. Like her debut, the new album “ACCA” was written entirely a capella. But this time around, ALA.NI focused her attention on beats and grooves, crafting infectious, rhythmic tunes that owe more to Dr. Dre and legendary reggae artist Errol Dunkley than Billie Holiday and Sarah Vaughan.

ALA.NI hones in on the human element with her spectacular sophomore album, “ACCA,” crafting a collection of dense, harmonically intricate vocal arrangements that feature sparse or no instrumental backing at all. At once raw and rich, gritty and elegant, sweet and biting, the album includes guest appearances from Iggy Pop and rapper/actor Lakeith Stanfield, but make no mistake: “ACCA” is pure ALA.NI. She wrote, produced, and arranged each song herself, layering up hundreds of vocal tracks in order to create an immersive, hypnotic world that blurs the lines between vibrating vocal cords, bowed strings, and blown reeds.

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