Download some amazing Australian soul music from Jordan Rakei

Download some amazing Australian soul music from Jordan Rakei

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“Wallflower” could roughly be described as a left-field soul album, but it’s woven from so many threads that such a broad portrayal hardly does it justice. The New Zealand born, Australian soul music artist, Jordan Rakei, crams a kaleidoscopic array of influences— Jazz, Funk, Hip-Hop, Troubadour material, Pop, R&B and much more into the mix, with an elegant, eloquent melodic sense that provides the bed for introspective lyrics, often expressing feelings of yearning and uncertainty.


Jordan Rakei


Despite that, there’s an assuredness that runs throughout—the instrumentation, performed with skillful subtlety by Jordan Rakei and a coterie of players, is embedded with enough electronic touches which give the work an added dimension without overwhelming the songs. Not bad for a guy who just a few years back was sitting in his bedroom, banging away on his MPC.


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This week’s download comes from Jordan Rakei and his latest album, “Wallflower.” You have seven days to download the song, “Eye to Eye.”

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