Download Bibio’s latest song, ‘Old Graffiti’

Download Bibio’s latest song, ‘Old Graffiti’

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This week’s download comes from Bibio and his latest album, “Ribbons.” You have seven days to download his song, “Old Graffiti.”

Bibio, Ribbons
Photo courtesy of the artist Bibio

Bibio returns in 2019 with Ribbons. Following his ambient atmospheric 2017 project “Phantom Brickworks,” Stephen Wilkinson returns to the path of structured songwriting last explored on 2016’s “A Mineral Love.” Ribbons yields folkloric charm with an organic palette, incorporating a mostly acoustic-led approach exploring ’60s and ’70s psychedelia, soul, ambient, electronic and field recordings. The album will be released on April 12 through Warp Records.

Wilkinson’s folk influences span ’60s and ’70s styles from Britain, Ireland and America; he mixes influences of homegrown acid folk with the dreamy harmonies of its Californian counterpart. He also pays homage to his past J Dilla and Madlib inspired works, this time drawing influence from the eras and records those producers sampled, such as ’60s and ’70s Dionne Warwick, Dee Dee Sharp and other soul artists, but rather than relying on sampling records, Wilkinson creates his homages from scratch with appropriate instrumentation.

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