Download Danny Brown’s new song, “Ain’t It Funny”

Download Danny Brown’s new song, “Ain’t It Funny”

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This week’s download comes from Danny Brown’s latest album, “Atrocity Exhibition.” You have seven days to download his song “Ain’t It Funny.” You can see Danny Brown at this year’s Eaux Claire Music and Arts Festival.

“Ain’t It Funny” has become the viral highlight of Danny Brown’s Atrocity Exhibition, heralded unanimously as one of the best releases of 2016 by Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, Complex, NPR, Stereogum, XXL, USA Today, and Metacritic’s top-rated rap album of the year.

In the new video (released today, March 28 17) Danny in collaboration with the video’s director, Jonah Hill, re-imagines his life as an 80s sitcom episode but with a morbid twist. The video features legendary writer / director Gus Van Sant as the “dad”, “Growing Pains” ultimate TV-mom Joanna Kerns as the “mom”, artist, actress and Instagram-celebrity Lauren Alice Avery as the “sister”, the requisite cute kid as the “brother” and rap’s most ballistic antihero, Danny Brown as “Uncle Danny”.

Download Danny Brown’s “Ain’t It Funny” below.