Download Elliot Moss’ latest song ‘Silver + Gold’

Download Elliot Moss’ latest song ‘Silver + Gold’

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This week’s download comes from Elliot Moss and his new album “A Change In Diet.” You have seven days to download his song “Silver + Gold.”

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Elliot Moss’ new album “A Change In Diet” represents a shift, a dividing line separating nearly everything he once knew from his future. The album captures a period of upheaval that altered Moss’ habits, relationships, and even his songwriting. Across the 11 songs, he methodically details the nature of change and the ways it can be liberating, discomforting, and often essential.

“A change in diet is one of the first things that any self-help resource or therapist will recommend to you,” he explains. “The title is almost a joke because it feels like a crazy oversimplification of your problem. But at the same time it’s not wrong. It’s rarely one singular change that needs to be made, it is many incremental changes. And everything contributes.”

The New York-bred multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and producer first captured interest with his brand of dense, thoughtful electronic music on 2015’s “Highspeeds” and 2017’s “Boomerang.” The albums were icy at times, often shrouded in abstraction, but the path to “A Change In Diet” led Moss’ art into compellingly vulnerable new territory.

Following the end of a decade-long romantic relationship and a long struggle with depression, he turned to songwriting to find catharsis. “It can be easy to fall into old comfort zones. I wanted to write music that was more real. Music that made me nervous to play. If you’re scared of what you’re doing, it’s a good thing… you’re growing,” Moss says.

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