Download Jacob Banks’ latest song, ‘Unknown (To You)’

Download Jacob Banks’ latest song, ‘Unknown (To You)’

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Jacob Banks

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Jacob Banks revisits his 2015 song 'Unknown'

This week’s download comes from Jacob Banks and his latest album, “Village.”  You have seven days to download the track “Unknown (To You).” And you can catch Jacob Banks live in concert on March 5 at Turner Hall Ballroom.

On Jacob Banks  2015 album, “Paradox,” listeners were spellbound by “Unknown,” a gripping, confessional ballad that traced the remnants of a relationship gone sour. The song and its meaning haunted Banks, who revisits it on “Unknown (To You),” fine-tuning its sweeping production and turning in a towering vocal performance for the ages.

“As good as the old version was, I didn’t feel like I did it justice,” he says. “The song has been a friend to me and it’s kept me company, so I put my best foot forward and captured the energy that I give it on stage. Now it’s right. I believe this version, and I trust it completely.”

Download the song below.