Download Kindness’ latest song, ‘Cry Everything,’ featuring Robyn

Download Kindness’ latest song, ‘Cry Everything,’ featuring Robyn

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“Won’t try to hide it/I’m gonna be myself this time,” Robyn and Kindness sing on the pre-chorus, before exclaiming, “the skies open/I just wanna cry everything.”

“I feel things coming back to life,” the two friends add later on, encouraging their listener–and each other–to live truthfully, and authentically, in the aftermath of chaos. “This time,” they sing, “My tears feel like progress.” The percussion is played by Arthur Russell friend and collaborator Mustafa Ahmed.

Co-written and sung by both Robyn and Kindness, and produced by the latter, the sessions for “Cry Everything” began in 2014 as Kindness, was wrapping up their second album, “Otherness.” It marks the second recent collaboration between the two, the first being the Kindness-produced “Send to Robin Immediately,” a highlight from the Swedish star’s most recent album, “Honey.”

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This week’s download comes from Kindness. You have seven days to download their latest song, “Cry Everything” featuring Robyn.

Kindness, a.k.a. Adam Bainbridge, makes a highly anticipated return to their own music with “Cry Everything,” featuring a duet with longtime collaborator and friend, Robyn. Centered around thumping bass and a swirling sample of Todd Rundgren’s “Pretending to Care,” “Cry Everything” is an intricate, optimistic ode to stepping into the light and loving yourself after a particularly dark period.

Pulling energy from queer, vocal house music and self-empowering funk, “Cry Everything” is the feeling of exhaling after years of holding it in, of total catharsis, of forgetting everything that came before.