Download Rhye’s new song, ‘Needed’

Download Rhye’s new song, ‘Needed’

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This week’s download comes from Rhye and their latest project “Spirit.” You have seven days to download the song “Needed.”

Mike Milosh from Rhye

“About a year and a half ago, my girlfriend surprised me with a borrowed piano,” Mike Milosh says. “It wasn’t in the best shape, but it made itself at home in my apartment and I started playing it every morning… just messing around at first, but it slowly became a morning ritual I couldn’t shake.”

Out of the many sketches, “Spirit” started to take shape. “It’s a collection of songs I did alone in the studio with just a piano, intertwined with collaborations with some of my favorite piano-based musicians,” Milosh says. One such musician is Dan Wilson, formerly of the band Semisonic, who counts Adele’s “Someone Like You” as a co-writing credit.

On “Needed,” Milosh and Wilson’s songwriting chemistry is evident. There’s an undeniable loveliness in the song’s spare and cavernous arrangement. “Needed” is just right mix of strings, guitar, and synths that add rich textures to the melody while allowing notes from a grand piano and Milosh’s voice stand at the center.

Speaking on the track, Milosh says: “Needed” is a song about something greater than wanting someone in your life, or to be wanted, or liked or loved. It’s about that deeper yearning to be needed by someone you love, to feel that sense of purpose. Maybe we don’t all feel that, but for those who do, I can only hope that this song touches you.

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