Download Roosevelt’s grandiose ballad ‘Sign’

Download Roosevelt’s grandiose ballad ‘Sign’

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This week’s download comes from German producer Roosevelt. You have seven days to download his song, “Sign.”

Roosevelt, photo courtesy of the artist.

From the press release:

“Sign” is a pared-back piece of hyper-melodic digitalism, a cinematic ballad about loss and hope with a pulsating antique drum machine as the bedrock. Sparse and dazzling at the same time, “Sign” is a prime example of Roosevelt’s deft craftsmanship, paying homage to early house and vintage pop. The new track is a musical return to Roosevelt’s roots in dance music – there are no guitars or live drums – it’s all computer love.

“I wanted to make something intimate, so I started with these spherical Juno 60 chords. When I added rhythmical elements, I realized that the track could work in a dance music world. I normally record a lot of real drums but stripped this one back to just an 808 beat. A nice contrast between the intimate feeling of the synth and the dancefloor qualities of the vocal sample, bassline and 808 started to emerge. I found it really inspiring to make something that’s initially made for listening alone on your headphones, but that hopefully can come alive in the near future when played out at a dance club or festival and create a form of unity again,” Roosevelt said.

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