Download Valerie June’s new song, “Shakedown”

Download Valerie June’s new song, “Shakedown”

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Valerie June will be performing at Turner Hall Ballroom on Feb. 21

This week’s download comes from singer/songwriter Valerie June’s forthcoming album, “In Order of Time.” You have seven days to download her new song, “Shakedown.”  You can also catch her performing live at Turner Hall Ballroom on Feb. 21.

On this enthralling and illuminating leap forward, the Tennessee-bred, Brooklyn-based songwriter weaves electric blues, African rhythms, cosmic atmospherics and delicate soul into an inventive and wholly original rumination on love, family, struggle and the passing of time. Produced by Matt Marinelli (Beck, Bad Brains), The Order of Time features twelve original songs all written by June.

Musically, June has refined and expanded her sound on the new album finding space from her previous work in its artful, self-assured restraint and overall cohesion. The collection’s finely sketched character studies brim with richness and detail while June’s ethereal, wide-open soundscapes provide a sterling backdrop for her remarkable Southern gospel and honey voice.  Lyrical touch points such as ‘dancing shadows,’ ‘hot suppers,’ ‘curious neighbors,’ and ‘holy water’ draw the listener in and root these songs with density and weight.

Download the song below.