Take a listen to Farao’s modern-pop gem, ‘Lula Loves You’

Take a listen to Farao’s modern-pop gem, ‘Lula Loves You’

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FaraoKevin Bourland

Throughout 10 original tracks, Soviet-made synth tones ripple out from an undefined center like a Frank Stella painting, with sharply angled lines of color buzzing with concentric, hand-painted ecstasy. Rolling vocal melodies carry descriptive turns of phrase to gratifying heights, and in the spaces between all this electricity, there are shimmering microcosms of Alice Coltrane-esque acoustics that provide the album with an organic, unmistakably rich, tactile marrow. Album-opener “Marry Me” leads with the lyric “The heart is the organ of desire,” setting the stage for the warm-blooded essence of “Pure-O.” Lyrics about the possessiveness inherent in marriage unravel over a tenacious yet patient bassline, and by the time the song reaches its rapturous three-minute mark, Jahnsen is breathlessly rattling off descriptions of romantic obsession, while perhaps hinting at the upcoming listening experience: “overwhelming, undying, overpowering, unconditional, all-encompassing, heart-enriching, mind-expanding.”

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This week’s download comes from the singer/songwriter Farao and forthcoming album, ” Pure-O” due out Oct. 19. Farao is the pseudonym of London based, Norwegian singer Kari Jahnsen. You have seven days to download her song, “Lula Loves You.”

Pure-O,” the new LP by Kari Jahnsen — aka Farao — is a prog-pop exposition on the curious dichotomy between beauty and destructiveness in sex and relationships, observing “How so often the thing that sparks our passions is the constant need to hide from one to find the other.” The Berlin-via-Norway musician notes, “I’ve felt like that. Like an addict seeking a fix.” Farao creates the world of “Pure-O” with a neon pool of synthesizers, zither, drums and soaring vocals, seamlessly referencing ‘90s R&B and the untapped goldmine of Soviet disco.

Download the song below.