Weekly Download | Quantic, “Aguas De Sorongo”

Weekly Download | Quantic, “Aguas De Sorongo”

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This week's download comes from the multi-instrumentalist, and producer Will Holland aka Quantic. Quantic recently released his first solo album entitled Magnetica. This is his first album under the moniker of Quantic since 2006’s An Announcement To Answer.  Quantic is also known for other projects like the Quantic Soul Orcrestra, Combo Bárbaro, Quantic & Alice Russell, Flowering Inferno and Ondatrópica (Soundway). 

Magnetica gets Quantic back to his electronic producer roots.  He blends his unique production style with elements of folk, reggae, soul, cumbia and more. 

"Having spent the last seven years living in Colombia, a base from which he has worked with many of the finest musicians from Latin America and the Caribbean, on 'Magnetica' he now casts his net even wider to take in the sounds, styles, and languages of the UK, Ethiopia, Jamaica, Brazil, Angola, and beyond."

You have a week to download the track "Aguas De Sorongo" from Quantic's album Magnetica. This track features Brazilian singer Thalma de Freitas, who is also an actress.

Download Quantic's "Aguas De Sorongo" featuring Thalma de Freitas (right click and save as)

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