Wild Nothing | ‘To Know You’

Wild Nothing | ‘To Know You’

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Wild NothingPhoto by Shawn Brackbill

This week’s download comes from Wild Nothing.  You have seven days to download the track “To Know You.”

“‘To Know You’ keeps the airy melodicism and foggily-recalled ’80s of prior Wild Nothing standouts, but the wispy UK indie pop and romantic synths give way to something slightly brasher. A jagged bass groove, somewhere between krautrock and post-punk, sits beneath a spacious amalgam of effects-swirled guitars, electronic squiggles, and gently insistent vocals.” – Pitchfork

– “‘To Know You,’ especially, which is maybe the toughest sounding song we’ve heard them do yet. Mind you, that is a relative term in Wild Nothing’s case, but the guitars and rhythm section have a forceful drive (and a verse melody that cribs from Talk Talk). ‘TV Queen,’ meanwhile, is armed with a big pop chorus.” – Brooklyn Vegan

Download Wild Nothing’s “To Know You” (right click and save as)



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