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Valerie Lighthart is enchanting in her debut with Immortal Girlfriend

While not technically a Bandcamp-platform track, our Pick of the Week is a great example of the multi-faceted creative talent here within Milwaukee. Valerie Lighthart has experience in an array of creative mediums, but recently made her musical debut earlier this summer. With her first show a few months ago, it was only a matter of time before she'd release some recorded material.
Ahead of her three-track EP, Valerie Lighthart worked with brother duo Immortal Girlfriend to release "I'll Be Damned," giving us a peek into what to expect from the "new" artist.

Lighthart has been playing for two years, usually alone and equipped with either her acoustic guitar or ukulele. However, for her first official release she decided to work with friends and contrasting artists to produce a unique, genre-blending composition. Together with the electronic duo, they transformed a raw demo into this larger sound that blends her enchanting vocals and their enticing, upbeat production.

Listen to the track below.