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Take a bite out of surf rock with Devils Teeth's new album

The trio (and sometimes larger group) known as Devils Teeth recently made their first full-length debut "Suki Yuki Hot!" and are playing heavily as of late (including a 414Live Session). While the band released some basement demos in 2016, the not-so-new surf garage rock band is officially active, bringing a lively and exuberant energy to their beach party style.
Inspired by "a steady diet of martial arts films, vintage soul and Midwestern rock," Devils Teeth serves blistering amounts of energetic rock ‘n’ roll with nods to surf, punk, garage and “the spaghetti west.”

Equipped with fun melodies, contagious high energy and an accompanying saxophone (which shouldn't go unmentioned), the catchy and engaging take on concoction-of-rock-genres is captivating and will have listeners bouncing around. Sink your teeth into the album below (Pun intended, I couldn't help it).