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Vincent VanGreat & Dana Coppa's contrasting chemistry in 'A Tape Called Fresh'

While Bandcamp is a great platform for artists to share and distribute music, it's not the only one. So this week, we have a Milwaukee SoundCloud pick of the week—Vincent VanGreat and Dana Coppa's "A Tape Called Fresh"

For two years, Vincent VanGreat and Dana Coppa have been hitting the studio working on "A Tape Called Fresh." The split album is a collaborative effort, with additional familiar Milwaukee rappers, including Blizz, Mammyth and more. While the main two emcee's forefront the album, their unique styles make a great team as they add, compliment and emphasize their various contrasting characteristics.

The 10-track compilation consists of two sides. One is called "rap" and one is called "smooth"—and rightfully so. While the compatible sides bear similarities and effortlessly transition into one another, the contrast is also bold. It's refreshing with an emphasis on "fresh."

Listen to the split album below.