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Dive deep into LUXI's world of dark electronic pop with 'Lost Letters'

luxi lost letters

Multi-faceted artist and producer LUXI works in a varied array of (some would say unconventional) forms—her last EP came with a video game she created in four days during a game jam. So it comes as no surprise that her diverse talents allow her to create unique and expressive works.

Her latest release, "Lost Letters (Of Seraphina)," is no different. It's more than a seven-track LP. It's a whole world. Complete with a larger scale video game (also called "Lost Letters") and a book filled with original paintings and designs, LUXI's music is an immersive concept.

The album highlights her production style with dream pop vocals, heavy synths and an experimental DIY energy. The dark take on electronic pop is a contrasting blend that is both ethereal and ominous. We were able to talk to the artist not too long ago— you can learn more here about the diverse artist and check out the game here. And take a listen to the music below.