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Black Fuse's collaborative efforts create a unique experimental hip-hop experience

Black Fuse has steadily been releasing music since 2015, while evolving in sound and production. Since the band's debut release, "The After Life Sessions," the Milwaukee producers have taken their once primarily instrumental work into a more vocal and collaborative project, blurring the lines between experimental hip-hop and electronic production. With each release, the duo takes its respective sound and talents and creates an unique, yet cohesive sound that gets better and better each time.

Black Fuse's latest full-length release "MOVEMENT" is a testament to its collaborative efforts. With tight and clean melodic beats, the 11-track record showcases an array of influences and methodology. Recorded between Milwaukee and Nashville, this is first time the duo brought in additional forces to go beyond its normal sound, by implementing multiple vocalists on tracks like "Maverick" and "Talk is Cheap." Listen to the album below.