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Crystal Knives is a dynamic force in the Milwaukee EDM scene

Milwaukee EDM producer Crystal Knives has had a busy year. Earlier this summer, he was chosen as one of the four artists for the Backline accelerator program. Since then, he's been traveling with the program, meeting industry experts, working with other creatives, setting up a 12-month plan and more. Somewhere between that time, he managed to release two recently produced tracks.
Unless you're versed in the Milwaukee EDM scene, there's a chance you haven't heard of Crystal Knives (myself included), but if you look into the producers discography, that may not keep true much longer. He continues to consistently create high-quality tracks that keep you energized and excited.

The split EP features two original tracks, "Mannequin" featuring Casey Cook and "Don't" featuring Jonah Baker. They highlight the producer's impressive talent and magnetic sound. With complimentary vocals and dynamic beats, the EP is easy to get lost in whether you're an EDM fanatic or novices alike. Listen below.