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Fuzzysurf sounds exactly like you would expect in new single, 'Problems'

Fuzzysurf, from what you can guess, is a surf rock quartet currently in very cold Milwaukee, WI. The band's first single, “Problems” is a peek into the upcoming album “Fuzz & the Surfs,” due in the  spring. The preview is nothing less of what you’d expect from the reverb-drenched, power pop group.

With catchy hooks, melodic vocals and dismissive lyrics, the track is a poppy jam that packs a carefree attitude of avoiding problems and opinions with a blasé perspective. Doused in harmonies and bouncy backings, the group has a heavy surf rock influence, but the single showcases their foundation with power pop songwriting and style. The two cohesively create a charismatic sound that is both entertaining and engaging. Listen to the single below.