Nickel&Rose is not your average ‘Americana’

Nickel&Rose is not your average ‘Americana’

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It goes without saying that their new song “Americana” is an Americana-genre heavy track, but they play with their diverse background and influences providing a twist to the straightforward genre. The fruition came from their European travels, which included a trip to the Romanian-Ukrainian border where the pair played to anti-corruption protestors.

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After, the pair generated “Americana,” a five song EP that highlights the contrast of the classic American genre and the struggles many artists all over the world face in today’s society. The track features balanced harmonies, the duo’s eclectic influences and honest transparency. Listen to the track below.

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Milwaukee natives Nickel&Rose have a knak for blending and blurring the lines between sounds, genres and powerful messages. Earlier this year, Johanna Rose curated the Guthrie UNcovered event, uniting talented local musicians to collaborate to interpret the music of the late American writer and activist Woody Guthrie. Now, the duo has given us a preview of their upcoming September release, “Americana,” by releasing the titular track that challenges genre expectations with a powerful message.