Vinz Clortho mixes moody blues with acid rock in ‘Endless Road’

Vinz Clortho mixes moody blues with acid rock in ‘Endless Road’

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“This whole thing started as an excuse to play a 12-string electric guitar,” says Vic Buell, “I had some song ideas based around that. I had a specific sound in mind and as the arrangements started to take shape, I knew I needed some other instruments.”

Buell enlisted members and a growing roster of instruments to get that sound. With influences like Velvet UndergroundChris Isaak and Angelo Badalamenti, the group takes on the darker side of surf/psychedelic rock.

Recorded at Silver City Studios, the well-titled track, “Endless Road,” is a moody take on psychedelia, featuring a bluesy sax, catchy hook and a raspy, cigarette-smoking, highway-loving allure.

Listen to the first single from Vinz Clortho’s upcoming release below.

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Vinz Clortho, a new-ish group featuring members of Calliope, Mortgage Freeman, Castle Thunder and more, released its first single of the year earlier this month.

While the band formed back in 2016, Vinz Clortho is still fairly new with only two previously released singles; however, the group is still picking up speed with shows, this single and the prep work for Vinz Clortho’s first full-length release later this fall.