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Lady Cannon returns with full transparency in long-awaited 'Fortune's Darling'

After her 2012 debut album, "Whiskey Dear," Lady Cannon took a step back from her musical projects unsure of when she would return to the stage. But with some encouragement from drummer Devin Drobka, the pair pulled together a new roster and direction for her long-awaited follow-up "Fortune's Darling."

The latest release showcases Martha Cannon's raw and vulnerable songwriting and puts her trials, tribulations and triumphs front and center, while taking her staple folk and Americana roots in a new direction.

It ventures out to a genre-bending sound that makes the most of the groups' jazz and experimental background. With Drobka, bassist Barry Paul Clark, cellist Pat Reihholz and guitarist Andrew Murray Trim, the band's larger-than-life sound is a projection of Lady Cannon's soft, but sharp, honest-to-the-core vocals. Listen to the album below.