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Hear the premiere of Vinz Clortho's new song 'Got Me Down Again'

If I’m ever out driving through the night, on a dusty road to meet my sweetheart…this new song by Vinz Clortho is gonna be the song I play on repeat. Between that surf-rock sounding guitar and the juxtaposition between the growly-lead vocals and the beautiful harmonies that come in during the chorus, this song makes me feel dreamy. Which isn't an ideal feeling while I'm operating a motor vehicle in the middle of the night. Maybe even dangerous. But that's okay 'cause—OHHHHH WAIT……what’s that now?!? A sexy saxophone solo? This song just gets better and better. Well done, Vinz Clortho. And 1,000 thank you’s for choosing such a deeeeelightful band name. You can call me the Keymaster.

Vinz Clortho is a new super-group of Milwaukee rock superstars, featuring members of Calliope, Mortgage Freeman, Castle Thunder and Myles Coyne. Drawing influences from artists such as Chris Isaak, the Velvet Underground and Angelo Badalamenti, Vinz Clortho dabbles in the moody, bluesy, psych-surfy sounds of a surreal roadhouse jukebox.

Check out Vinz Clortho's “Fool's Paradise" EP release party at Company Brewing in Riverwest on March 22, with special guests Ravi / Lola and Neocavemen.

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