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Hear the premiere of NAME HYMN's new song 'The Fall'

Right off the bat…this song encourages you to stop, slow down for a second and take a listen. The juxtaposition of Rae Cassidy’s dreamy voice with the baritone of Nathaniel Heuer is simply beautiful. It’s clear NAME HYMN has a story to tell…and it will probably be heartbreaking. Need to be reminded you can still feel things? This is the track for you!

NAME HYMN is a collaborative project spearheaded by Nathaniel Heuer (Hello Death, Marielle Allschwang & The Visitations). All his runaway songs will find a conclusive expression with the help of featured artists. Heuer writes and records the majority of the instrumentation, but NAME HYMN also relies heavily on studio mate and co-founder of The Chair Company, Lawton Hall. Hall co-produces, records, mixes, performs and otherwise contributes to the project creatively and technically (including in the album art you see above). Heuer hopes to release four new tracks each year until all the lost ones are accounted for.

The first singles, "The Fall" and "The Years" are duets, featuring Rae Cassidy and Heuer on vocals. Rae Cassidy contributed not just her amazing vocal performance, but also her mind for harmonies, arrangement and deliberate emotional nuance. The songs will be available on all major streaming services within the week.

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