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Jaecar and Genesis Renji conjure warmer temps with 'Take You Down'

After just releasing his second EP, "What Happened to Love," Jaecar has released a new single with Genesis Renji.

"Take You Down" captures the duo's dynamic and animated vivacity and creates a palpable feeling of sunnier days and warmer temperatures.

With a funky, Chance-inspired beat fitting for the approaching summer season, the energetic track is fully representative of the Milwaukee artist.

While hip-hop is his natural inclination and a major underlying tone to the song, Jaecar diversifies his sound, blending pop and R&B elements into his work.

“When I made the beat, I knew I wanted it to be something everybody could have fun too, something for the ladies. So I started freestyling, and instead of rapping the hook I decided to sing, and get someone else to rap on it,” Jaecar says.

“I had a studio session scheduled with Genesis and I just told him, 'Bro, I have this joint that I need you on and it fits you perfectly, it’s a little different but I know you're going to kill it.' Genesis was like, 'Let me hear it,' and of course the rest is history.”

Listen to the energetic track below.