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Pasta Sauce tackle growing up and accepting change on their 'noodly' debut

Acoustic indie duo Pasta Sauce make their first ever release with "Sandbar," the debut single from their upcoming EP "Shore Thing." According to the duo, Mikey (aka Pasta) and Olivia (aka Sauce), the pair offer "noodly vibes from some moderately saucy tunes," all while providing an observant narrative on the changes that are inevitable in life.

Between work, school, and setting time aside to record and produce the EP, the debut DIY record was no easy feat -- it's been something they've intended for a while but lacked the time or space. However, they've finally come together to bring us their new project.

Pasta Sauce, a name they ultimately stuck to for no particular reason (aside from potentially their affinity to spaghetti), is a fitting identity as the real-life couple is a well-balanced pair.

Both have musical backgrounds that compliment each other's talents. Mickey is an instrumentalist and producer while Olivia is a singer-songwriter. They met at their first weekend of college at UWM. Together, the couple use their first single as a reflective account on the bustle that is life, growing up and acknowledging the imminent changes that that have amounted while away at their respective responsibilities.

Photo courtesy of artist

"I think being away at college, you get more reflective about your friends and family because you miss them," Olivia explains. "It becomes inherently difficult to ignore the differences as people aren't always the same as when you left them. Friends and family are experiencing changes without us, and we only find out at routine visits. This album is a swift walk through what has happened over the past year back home."

Listen to the single below and be sure to listen to the whole EP, out on June 30.