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Joe Quinto shares an uplifting animated video for 'Run Away'

Last month Radio Milwaukee debut " Let It Go," a single that marked a surprising, folksy turn for Milwaukee rapper Joe Quinto. That song was half of Quinto's new two-song EP "Soltura,” and today Quinto has shared an animated video for the second track on that release, a ruminative, ukulele-led strummer called "Run Away."

"For me, this record allowed me to shed my skin and blossom into the next person I needed to become," Quinto says of the song. "It's about recognizing what has held you back or stunted your growth and not only overcoming it, but also never forgetting it. Whatever someone's situation may be, I feel as though it's necessary to remember where we've been, good or bad, in order to evolve and progress."

Joe Quinto | Courtesy of the artist

The video was directed by Wisconsin animator Cody Banks. "Joe and I met about 10 years ago in Milwaukee and we've been following each other's work ever since," Banks says. "I've always respected Joe's versatility with his art so I was super excited when he asked me to hop aboard for this video. After brainstorming ideas and concepts as a team, I was given the freedom to be as creative as possible. I appreciate Joe for trusting my vision and allowing me to learn and grow in the process. I started teaching myself After Effects less than a year ago so this project was a great step for me towards becoming an expert animator."

You can watch the video below.