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Platinum Boys package their contagious love of life on 'Raw Romance'

Joey Turbo, Matt 'Mayhem' Pappas, Casey Hughes and Henry Chern comprise Milwaukee's very own party connoisseurs Platinum Boys. The fellas have been providing good times, consistent high energy, rowdy, sweaty shows and good ol' classic rock 'n' roll since 2014.

While they've been heavily playing and providing shenanigans since their last release in early 2018, we weren't sure when the next record would be cruisin' through USA... until this week.

Platinum Boys | Photo credit: Amanda Mills

Milwaukee's "best boys" set loose a new single last week and, the very next day, they doubled down and released their latest full length, " Raw Romance" on Dusty Medical Records.

Recorded by Shane Hochstetler at Howl Street Recordings and mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering, the 10-track rock 'n' roll-meets-power pop hybrid is everything you'd expect from the spirited unit: catchy with melodic hooks, fast paced anthems, contagious energy and, essentially, it captures the essence of a welcoming, rambunctious celebration at your local watering hole.

"Raw Romance" is quintessential P-Boys. In roughly 30 minutes, they manage to channel their carefree-yet-passionate demeanor and completely genuine larger than life attitude, packaging up their contagious love of life.

Listen below and catch them on tour (they play Milwaukee Nov. 16).