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Father Sky shares a poetic plea for connection

For today's premiere, we've got a lonesome song for lonesome times from pianist/vocalist/composer Anthony Deutsch, who records as Father Sky. A plea for connection, "See Me" was recorded for local filmmaker Brian Klewin’s short film “Deer Lights,” "but I wanted to make a 'single' version," Deutsch tells us.

You can stream it below.
Father Sky - "See Me"

Artist's statement

“Some of my favorite music is that of birds in a park or natural space -- Bach is nice, too," Deutsch writes. "Each moment in this life is an opportunity to find inspiration. This does not requisite sonic complexion. Sound and its absence are of the same origin.”

"These original-lyric songs encompass the realms of beauty and reflection -- ever changing, ever growing, owing to that which we may all relate to."