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Dramatic Lovers share two radiant new tunes on Milwaukee Day

Here's a Milwaukee Day treat: Milwaukee indie-rock luminaries Dramatic Lovers have shared their first new songs since their 2019 full length "You Talk Loud." The group tracked "Buried" and "Slow Down" at Daniel Holter's Wire & Vice studio last month, just days before the pandemic disrupted life as we know it. After Wisconsin enacted its stay at home order, the tracks were mixed and mastered without the band returning to the studio.

The video for "Slow Down," too, reflects that new reality. It was shot and edited within a couple of days, pieced together from footage of the band members at home in their respective living rooms, rec rooms and basements, as children play and laundry whirls in the background. It's a statement, of sorts, on how quickly we adjust to the new normal: They all look pretty settled. We can make a routine out of anything. It may have been written before the state's COVID-19 outbreak, but the song's sentiment about making the best of whatever hand we're dealt feels especially resonant right now.

Dramatic Lovers

You can stream the video and the new tracks below.