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REYNA salute love (and summer festivals) gone by on 'Coachella'

REYNA know how to make every song an event. The Milwaukee duo doesn't release B-sides or album cuts; every song is a perfectly calibrated pop single. And so it is with sisters Vic and Gab Bañuelos' latest confection, a wistfully peppy summer heartbreak anthem called "Coachella."

"We were so happy at Coachella," the sisters sing over a brassy electro-pop accompaniment, "I used to love you, but now we're saying sorry." And although the song's timing is odd -- what with Coachella and every other music festival on pause right now -- in a certain light it seems oddly appropriate. Absence has a way of tinting our memories rose-colored, and right now we're all feeling that absence.

REYNA | Photo credit: Ariel Kassulke

Billboard premiered the video today. You can stream it below.