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Devil Met Contention return with an crackling new single, 'Wait'

For this week's premiere, we've got the latest from the rock quartet Devil Met Contention. Splitting the difference between David Bowie and Chris Isaak at his most anthemic, "Wait" is a scorcher that modernizes the band's dusky rock with crackling synth undertones. Stream and read about the track below.

Devil Met Contention | Photo credit: Samer Ghani
Devil Met Contention - "Wait"

Artist's statement

"Wait" will be our first release completely written, recorded, & mixed independently by the band. Ehson Rad produced it and David Schuyler engineered the project. When we compiled our music that was written in early 2019 we had plans to find a studio and a sound engineer, but we decided that we were overdue for chasing the freedom that producing your own music can bring. Two of the songs, "Wait" and "Neon," will have corresponding music videos as well. 

It was challenging learning as we went through the each step, but it allowed us to explore new possibilities in the sonic landscape. We converted part of a living room into an isolation booth and worked out of that studio for about the better part of 2019. We created 'Wait" along with two other EPs slated for release later this year. 

With David, our guitarist taking on the role as sound engineer, and Ehson producing, Devil Met Contention was able to go beyond the production value & songwriting of any of the old material. This is something completely different. It bends us into something that between science fiction soundtracks and all of the rock, soul, funk, pop and electronic music we grew up listening to. It echos with rock, synthesizers, ambience and pure emotion. We've never been more excited and proud to release new music into the world.