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Vinz Clortho embrace the dreaminess on 'Like a Ghost'

This week, we've got the latest from Vinz Clortho, a band that started as a side project for Calliope's Victor Buell but has quickly grown into its own attraction. The band has already expanded beyond the 12-string guitar-seeped roadhouse rock of their earliest recordings, drifting into ever-dreamier and more personal territory as they demonstrate on their latest track "Like a Ghost," a song as ethereal as its title promises.

Stream and read about it below.

Vinz Clortho | Courtesy of the artist
Vinz Clortho - "Like a Ghost"

"Like a Ghost " is a single from our forthcoming EP, "Fool's Paradise II" (due out whenever this global pandemic ends and we can schedule a release show). Without getting into details, the song is about memories and remnants of a past toxic relationship.