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Negative/Positive say good riddance to bad friendships on 'Since Now and Also Since Before'

For this week's premiere, we're excited to share the latest from Negative/Positive, a band we've watched grow up before our eyes. The Milwaukee group has matured from an uncommonly good kid band into one of the local rock scene's most celebrated contributors, and that maturation continues on their new single "Since Now and Also Since Before."

The song is a taste of the group's upcoming album "Mint Bag (Bag Full of Mints)," due out March 26, and also shows off the group's new lineup, which features two new members. You can stream it and read about it below.

Negative/Positive | Photo credit: Samer Ghani
Negative/Positive - "Since Now and Also Since Before"

Artists' statement

It's a song about looking back on a friendship that fell apart, and the mix of lingering frustration with how you were treated and the knowledge that you're free of them now. We're actually planning a music video for it, too, that'll be filmed at the end of the month.

The song (and the whole album) was recorded at Blast House Studios with Dustin Sisson, and we won the studio time from this past summer's Rockonsin competition! Recording was all done masked, tested negative, and in separate, sanitized booths (shout out to Dustin for being on top of that) and was the first project we've recorded with the new members Roxie and PD.

The album, "Mint Bag (Bag Full of Mints)," will be released on 3/26 and has 10 tracks, including a revamped version of 2019's " Space Smells Like Lilacs."