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NilexNile and Chicago's Supa Bwe crank up the intensity on 'Flex Up'

Though he's recorded his share of spaced-out, vibey hip-hop -- both on his own and as a member of Phat Nerdz -- Milwaukee rapper NilexNile can turn up with the best of them.

Today Nile shared a new single called "Flex Up" featuring his most high-profile collaborator to date: Chicago cult hero Supa Bwe, who brings some serious intensity to the proceedings. Together the two give their larynxes a workout over a track that hits like all the pixelated tanks from No Limit's classic album covers crashed into the "Flockaveli" studio sessions.

NilexNile | Photo credit: Xavier Martin

"I first started listening to Supa Bwe back in high school because of my homie Verge," Nile tells us. "We were definitely big on Chicago’s artists back during 2012/2013ish. I was always admiring how Supa was himself and how dope his music sounded. I wanted to meet him in Chicago but I met some of his old group mates who showed me love (Mullato Beats and Quari) and ever since then I was like I love it here!"

"I worked with mullato Beats on my song 'Godspeed' and it’s been a success at all my shows since," Nile continues. "Finally getting to do a record with Supa, making this my first big industry collaboration, means a lot because it just feels like I’m stepping into a new lane career-wise and it’s all starting to make sense to me what I need to do to elevate as an artist."

You can stream the track below.