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Supertentacles sweetly promise 'No Creature Left Behind'

This week we have the first song from Supertentacles' upcoming album sophomore album "King of Nothing," a sweet little tune called "No Creature Left Behind." Stream and read about it below.

Supertentacles | Photo credit: Brie Keane
Supertentacles - "No Creature Left Behind"

Artists' statement

This song was heavily influenced by Fleet Foxes, my roots in conservation, and fear of an all digital world. It is not only about respecting and caring for animals and the environment, but recognizing that we are not separate from nature. "No creature left behind" is a saying that also pertains to us humans - about connecting with our roots and ditching the office cubicle whenever we get the chance.

Some info about the album/myself/Supertentacles: The album is called "King of Nothing" and I am planning on releasing it June 18. Everything was performed, recorded and mixed by myself in my basement studio. It was mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering. Some of these songs are years old, some were written just months ago. The pandemic gave me time to really hunker down and piece the songs together despite the years of separation and meandering sub-genres.

For this sophomore Supertentacles album I feel like I am finally hitting my stride as a songwriter. When I started making music I would often write glum sounding songs that often stretched over 5 minutes long. Now when I approach crafting a new song I have a better understanding of the canvass I am painting on (so to speak). But with that understanding of the fundamentals and recording, I am able to branch out and use whatever "colors" and techniques I want. I feel that after nearly 8 years of writing music, I am beginning to write music that is upbeat, accessible, yet still true to myself. I am stoked to share it with everyone!

If I had to pick some influences for this album, I look towards solo musicians like St Vincent, Beck, Alex G and Chad Vangaalen. I love when a solo musician doesn't feel restrained by their "solo"ness. If you want to have 10 guitars and a horn section and a bunch of layered backing vocals on a track, go for it!