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Charlee Grider sweetly reflects on loneliness on 'Thursday Afternoon'

For this week's premiere we've got the latest from Charlee Grider, an 18-year-old singer/songwriter who cites Billie Eilish, Amy Winehouse and Third Eye Blind among her influences. Ahead of the release of "October Disarray" later this month, stream and read about "Thursday Afternoon" below.

Charlee Grider | Photo credit: Madeline Walczak
Charlee Grider - "Thursday Afternoon"

Artist's statement

This album is all about finding the bliss in disarray. I was inspired to create this album only eight short months ago on a trip to Colorado exploring the paint mines with my closest friends. I was originally from Riverwest but moved to Oconomowoc for middle and high school, but came back to Milwaukee to study theater and music and now I'm just shy of 19 years old and ecstatic to continue to create in the city that I consider to be my roots. I have to thank my dad, who is the bass player in The Love Monkeys, for pulling me up on stage since I could walk. I am PUMPED for my debut album, "October Disarray" to drop on June 23, and you can find my most active posts on Instagram @charleegridermusic.