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Milwaukee singer Taejoz shares a clubby ode to true love, 'You Different'

Regular Radio Milwaukee listeners have probably heard Milwaukee singer Taejoz's voice, even if they don't know his name. The singer appeared on Kendel Bell's slinky R&B earworm "Speak On It," but under a different name. Back then he was recording as Donte, but he hopes his upcoming projects will help him make a name for himself under his new moniker. Later this summer he plans to release his debut album "Love Pursuit;" he's also cooking up an EP with fellow artist Drudini.

That's where his new song "You Different" comes from. It's a love song about a man who finds his soulmate. "He knows the man above answer his prayer, blessing him with someone who loves him for him and would be by his side picking him up or always holding it down for him," Taejoz says.

Taejoz |

The track is hued with shades of rap, R&B, dance music and dancehall. "I want to try and touch majority of all the top genres making it as a challenge to myself," Taejoz says. "I just want to be able to do it all someday."

You can stream the track below.