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Dinner Set Gang raid the public domain in their 'Rose Reef' video

As members of The Fatty Acids, Josh Evert and Derek De Vinney made florescent-hued, psychedelic indie-rock whose surface silliness masked cerebral sentiments. And as members of their new duo Dinner Set Gang, they do something pretty similar, but the sentimentality and sweetness is even more front and center. The new project is both a break from and a continuation of the music they made in The Fatty Acids -- it's different from The Fatty Acids, in the same way that every new Fatty Acids album was different from the previous one.

Today the duo has shared a video for its latest single, "Rose Reef," featuring vocals from Treccy MT and D’Amato. "The song was inspired by an orca mother who carried her dead calf for 17 days in the Pacific Northwest," says De Vinney. "It's basically an ode to her. To put it another way, it's a love song about mourning."

Anderson says he nodded to the idea of mourning in the video, albeit obliquely. "There's themes of companionship, attachment, devotion, separation, betrayal and loss in here, albeit vaguely," he says. "If there’s any unifying concept I had cooking it was simply a nod to channel surfing and watching lots of TV at an early age and how that’s evolved with technology into a larger cultural loss of attention span. But also I mainly wanted it to be fun to look at to accompany a really great song."

Stream the video ahead of the single's release on the Panamanian label Editoris below.

Dinner Set Gang - Rose Reef from Kelly Michael Anderson on Vimeo.