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Billy Russo deliver a garage-rock slow burn on 'What's in the Way'

For this week's premiere we've got the latest from the Milwaukee rock trio Billy Russo. "What's in the Way," from their upcoming debut "Black and White," is a slow-burn garage rocker with shades of The White Stripes and Nirvana. Stream and read about it below.

Billy Russo | Photo credit: Thomas Sennholz
Billy Russo - "What's in the Way"

Artists' statement

We are releasing our 10 song debut album, "Black and White," Friday, August 13th! "What's in the Way," is off that album.

We have spent the last year writing recording, mixing, and remixing (too much mixing at times haha) all the songs for our album. It's really what kept us going through the pandemic -- we wanted a finished album so we just kept pushing. We hope to have a vinyl release of it in the near future as well as another music video.

"What's in the Way" starts light and then the chorus gets heavier like a Nirvana tune. The lyrics are about wanting something, in this case love, but not knowing why you can't reach out and get it.

We are playing a show at Da Bar in West Allis on July 16th w/ special guests Good Grief and Diet Lite. Also "What's in the Way" will be available for streaming this day.