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Dan Kolesari finds the way on 'Light'

For this week's premiere, we've got a rootsy, gospel-tinged number from Milwaukee singer-songwriter Dan Kolesari. Stream and read about "Light" below.

Dan Kolesari | Photo credit: Jacque Kolesari
Dan Kolesari - "Light

Artist's statement

“Light” is a special song for me. When I write a song, sometimes I piece together what I think sounds best and then I try to find the words that fit. Other songs come to me with the words, music, and overall feeling combined together as one. I write and then try to understand what it means. This is one of those songs. When I sing about the light bringing you on home, to me, it could mean a couple different things. I think it can mean that reality eventually shows itself for better or worse. You can’t hide from it. Over time, things just add up. It could also just be about some light showing you the way to get back home. Either way, it sounds good to me. I’m proud of it. I hope you enjoy it and I hope the song can mean something for you.

It was written and recorded in the spring of 2021. I was joined by my friends from the local band Burgundy Ties (Pat Dermody - guitar, Nate Gray- organ, and Jacob E. Miller - percussion). Jacob E. Miller also created the artwork. Jacob put together a video of how he created the artwork and I will be sharing it soon. The song was mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering in Milwaukee.